The conference welcomes original research papers, case studies, and innovative applications that contribute to the intersection of applied computer science, electronics, and information technology with the broader goals of renewable energy generation, sustainable development, and environmental health improvement. Researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government institutions are encouraged to participate and share their insights to drive forward sustainable solutions for a better future.

ICCSEI’23 invites the original articles within the scope and topics of interest that is limited into two spectrum areas as follows:

  • S1: Applied Computer Science and Electronics:
    • S11. Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in renewable energy and environmental studies.
    • S12. Internet of Things (IoT) for environmental monitoring and control.
    • S13. Big data analytics for sustainability and environmental health.
    • S14. Robotics and automation for sustainable practices.
  • S2: Information Technology for Sustainability:
    • S21. Information systems for environmental data collection and dissemination.
    • S22. Geospatial technologies and geographic information systems (GIS) for environmental applications.
    • S23. Cloud computing and edge computing solutions for sustainable technologies.
    • S24. Data security and privacy considerations in environmental and renewable energy systems.